Mobile enterprise: inspiration session 10-03-14


18-21H + live report from best of Mobile World Congress by Niels Walravens (VUB) 1. Samsung: Their B2B strategy and presentation on KNOX 2. Mobco: With Ulrik SChepdael who’ll give us some deeper insights in the field of Mobile Device Management, Mobile Security and Secure Content. 3. Mendix: A new generation Mobile Development Platform 4. Belighted: Mobile Apps Developers who are specialized in B2B custom Apps 5. DINK: Jan Dheedene will showcase the D!NK Marketing and Sales app 6. “Trendwatchers”: World Mobile Congress: Trends and Highlights More and more people are using their smartphones and mobile apps as working tools, companies have seen this trend and are taking advantage of this opportunity to further their business goals. 70% of the CIO that respondent to a Gartner survey have stated that Mobile Technology is a disruptive technology for the coming next year. As a result for every desktop project within the B2B sector you have 4 different mobile projects. With you we would like to investigate this trend and cover the different aspects of mobile in the B2B sector. We will guide you from security through development and show you some excellent mobile apps that have shown value for the enterprise.

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